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Benefits of using Sites to Apps

We save you time and money! It's a hassle and expensive to create a developer or business account with the apps stores. The cost alone for the accounts can range up to $500/year. We gladly develop your app and launch it all under our app store accounts.

You'll be able to reach larger audiences and grow your network!

You'll save money by not having to develop an application if your website already achieves your needs. The app store accounts cost around $500/year alone! That's before all the development costs!

You'll have app store presence! Being on the app stores gives you and/or your business more legitimacy!




Supported on Android and iOSLaunched in every available countryModerate deployment times
Billed monthly at $35

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Supported on Android and iOSLaunched in every available countryQuicker deployment time
Billed annually at $240



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Once you give us your website URL and desired app info, we convert your website into an app that's accessible on the app stores.

How do I update my app?

You don't have to! Your app is a reflection of your website so all you need to do is update the info on your website.

How long will my app be on the app stores?

However long your subscription is active. We offer a monthly plan at $35/month and a yearly plan at $20/month.

Is there a chance my app gets rejected?

Yes. Not all apps are accepted by Apple or Google. In that scenario we issue a refund.

What organization are the apps launched under?

We launch it under our organization (10factory). The benefit is you save money because accounts are at around $500/year alone. This is what makes Sites to Apps such an awesome service to use!

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